What is an Electronic Radon Detector?

Most of us know what radon is. It is a naturally occurring radioactive gas, which is more common than you can imagine. It is invisible, and that is the reason why you cannot smell nor taste it. Nevertheless, it is the reason behind 20,000 deaths every year. The statistics can be Bug Detector verified and you can get to know if your house has an unsafe level of radon content in it.

Your first priority is to see whether your surroundings, which include your office and your home have radon presented in them. A thorough testing , done now allows you to fix the radon problem, if it is present, at ground level itself. You can utilize a number of Radon testing devices to ensure the safety of your home and office.

An electronic radon detector is also extremely useful for testing the radon level in your house. Charcoal testers are considered to be less efficient than electronic radon detectors. You can get plenty of varieties and different models of electronic radon detectors either in the market or online.

An electronic radon detector is going to give you an hourly reading; on the other hand there are the models, which can be customized to give you a seven-day reading. The usage you put your electronic detector model to as well as the strict following of the given rules can be conducive to your electronic detector working more efficiently.

One of these good electronic radon detector models is the Pro-Series 3 monitor. This is quite versatile and that is why it can be used at different locations. You are going to get a continuous, accurate as well as fast reading of the levels of radon in your testing area. This detector does not give you an hourly reading, but you are going to get the data for a week. This is going to be in the form of the radon level average found in the vicinity.

This particular kit can be used for long term as well as short term testing of radon. All you have to do is plug it into the wall socket, and view the gas levels whenever you want to. It is portable and extremely user-friendly. The gas level is measured in Pico Curies. You do not have to be an electronics expert to use this particular model. The assembly is already done on purchase. The data can be deleted so that the model is used at another location, whenever and wherever you want the reading to be done.

Radstar RS300 Continuous Radon gas monitor and detector comes under the category of heavy-duty electronic radon detector. This is the machine used by home inspectors, as well as professionals to check the radon level in your house. You are also going to get a written report by the inspector. You cannot tamper with this device. The motion sensors present in it are capable of giving you spot on results. You can even connect it to a laptop or to a computer through a USB cable.

The advantage of having an electronic Radon detector around is that you are going to save on lab fees, postal charges, and costs of testing kits. The kits might be rendered invalid when you send them to a lab. So buy this cost effective device for your home, now.

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