How to Turn Facebook Friends Into MLM Leads


Are you trying to figure out how to use Facebook to generate more MLM leads? Facebook has over 800 million users, why not tap into that, and build your network marketing business?

Generating more MLM leads for you business using Facebook needs some key strategies. And it does not take that long. 30 minutes a day is all you need.

Most people give up to quick on Facebook, they think it’s too much work, or they just don’t see any results after a few short weeks.

I want to show you some secrets that will be sure to give you tons of new MLM leads from Facebook.

1. Targeted Friend List

This is the one big mistake I see many people do. They target the wrong people. Who is the target market in network marketing? Other network marketers. Because most of them are failing at their business. Your friends and family are the wrong people to target. They see you as their facebook inactive friends removal – childhood friend, and not this super successful network marketer.

A good place to start, is find someone who is a big influence, and get their friend list. Think of someone who influences a lot of people. Go find there profile, and start to friend their list. Robert Kiyosaki is someone who I think of as a big influence. Robert will have a huge list of friends. Find his list, and start to add them to your profile.

2. Be Consistent

Many people I coach will get real excited for the first few weeks, post a ton, and then just stop. To generate a huge amount of MLM leads from Facebook, you need to be consistent each day. That means posting on your wall 3-5 times per day.

Building a network marketing business requires tons of work. You have to always be putting yourself in front of people every day. Your Facebook wall will let you do that. But it requires a daily constant action on your part.

3. Create Massive Value

People need help with building their network marketing business. You want to become this super star, network marketing guru. The way to do that is creating massive value to your friends.

If you create a blog post, add that to your Facebook wall. If you create a video, add that to your wall. Taking pictures at a vacation you won from your MLM company? Yes add that to your wall.

The problem that many run in here is they just post their company website link 10 times per day. That is spamming, and people will de-friend you very fast. You will not get far doing that. But if you are giving daily value to your friends, they will love you for it and want to learn more about your MLM company.

4. Stay Focused

You have ONE goal with Facebook. Generate MLM leads for your business. Facebook can be a huge distraction if you let it. Stay focused on coming in, posting your value, and adding new friends. That is it. Don’t fall into the trap of spending all day getting into conversations with people about nothing.

Gossiping all day on Facebook will get you nothing, and will distract from your main goal. If others are asking questions about how to build their MLM business. Then answer the questions. Just don’t get sucked in to gossip.

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